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This lotion is a classic for many reasons. Its formula is lightweight, non-greasy, with rose extracts and promises to provide hydration ,It’s powered by glycerin, which is a hero ingredient for strengthening your skin barrier and helping it retain more moisture And immediately reduces dry skin and keeps your skin saturated for as long as 48 hours with only one use. This smooth and sustaining lotion hydrates your dried-out skin, leaving it delicate and supple with smooth fragrance of rose.

Rachel Jones, Make-up artist

I want to talk about this product especially and you guys know how much I love Charcoal products so it was a must for me to try this one,
✨Its a daily face wash
✨Cleans out all dirt from the face
✨Good part is its 2×1 so consists of both charcoal and clay.

Blackley Bradford, Influencer

I used @elmorebeauty moisturizers throughout winters & didn’t face any kind of dryness. This Glycerine Lotion with is perfect for winter season as it is super light on the skin. Also it gives long lasting hydration which is really amazing. Another best thing about this lotion is that it’s non-greasy.

RAMLA | Fashion & Lifestyle, Digital Creator